Golden Buds colors :

Golden Buds Black#00000075/68/65/90
Golden Buds Light Brown#C8B46A23/24/70/0
Golden Buds White#FFFFFF0/0/0/0
Golden Buds Grey#EFEFEF5/3/3/0

Golden Buds Fonts :

Snippets HTML (Partnerships) :

Copy/Paste this HTML snippet to include on your website :

Golden Buds : Premium CBD distillates with Californian terpene flavors

Golden Buds : Distillats de CBD à vaper aux terpènes californiens

Golden Buds: destilados de CBD para vapear con terpenos californianos

PNG-24 transparent export :

Right-click on the logo then “copy image address” or “Save image as…”.

Web Small transparent (overview on grey background) :

Web Big PNG (resized, overview on grey background) :

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