3x Filtre CBD/CBG Hash


« 3x Filtrés » CBD/CBG Hash, the DRY SIFTING method refined three times: the caviar of resin.

Perfect for hash enthusiasts, it offers a smooth and potent experience with a high cannabinoid content of around 60% CBD with CBG and minor cannabinoids. The « 3x Filtrés » CBD/CBG Hash Full spectrum is renowned for being the epitome of quality, as only the finest components are retained, akin to selecting the cream of the crop, “La Crème de la Crème”.

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What is « 3x Filtrés » CBD/CBG Hash Full spectrum?

The « 3x Filtrés » CBD Hash, often referred to as triple-filtered hash, undergoes a thorough filtration process where the resin is passed through a specialized filter at least three times. This filtration is carried out using a specific grid-like filter, typically with a size of 90, 60, down to 45 microns meters.

The « 3x Filtrés » is obtained at the end of a long and tedious process that requires very specific equipment and microscopic checks at each stage of its manufacture. We first choose the CBD/CBG Flowers that will be best able to provide the richest trichomes possible. We then use the cold extraction technique also called DRY SIFTING combined with sorting by glandular trichome size which makes it possible to remove residues of biomass called “impurity”. After several passages on 3 screen sieves of 90, 60, and 45 microns we finally concentrate the finest trichomes’ resin to obtain the 3x filtered (hence its name in French  3x “Filtrés”).

How is the « 3x Filtrés » CBD Hash produced?

Screen filtration is Key

This high-concentration CBD resin is derived from a “classic” Cannabis Sativa L.. However, its production process is akin to a recipe crafted by a master chef!

The process begins by freezing the freshly harvested hemp.

Next, the frozen hemp trichomes are stirred 3x through specialized screen filters and pressed into tight creamy wafers.

The Pressing Stage

Once the finest powder trichomes purity has been collected, it undergoes hot pressing. As the transition from cold to hot, a light layer of Rosin is released onto its surface. This is why the outer layer of the CBD wafer is often darker, while the core resin is lighter in color.


To eliminate any residual moisture and achieve the pinnacle of quality, the wafers undergo a refining process lasting three weeks. Only after this meticulous refining process is completed does the triple-filtered hash become available for sale.

Obtaining high-quality « 3x Filtrés » CBD Hash requires a significant amount of CBD flowers. In fact, it is needed 20kg of hemp flowers to produce just 1kg of « 3x Filtrés » CBD Hash.

As a result, due to the limited batch production by our partner French CBD Hash maker, there may be limited edition references throughout the year.

Benefits of « 3x Filtrés » CBD Hash:

Inducing a maximum state of relaxation and goodness, thanks to its content of CBG, CBD, and minor cannabinoids’, affecting your nervous system will make you feel in perfect balance between mind and body, offering an opportunity to chill into a blissed meditation alone or with your closed one. Helps in preparing sleep after a stressful day. Consuming potent CBD hash shortly before bedtime can be quite effective.

Characteristics of the « 3x Filtrés » CBD Hash:

  • Total Cannabinoids: approx. 60%
  • Total Ratio

Cannabigerol (CBG)/Cannabidiol (CBD)= 4:1

  • Appearance: Light brown in the centre, dark on the outside
  • Texture: Creamy, Sticky, Shiny
  • Filtration Mesh: 90 microns meters
  • Pressure Type: Hot press
  • Packaging: 2g, 5g
  • Base Variety: European Hemp rich in CBG and CBD, THC <0,3%

How to store your « 3x Filtrés » CBD Hash resin?

The best way is to store it in an airtight container to preserve its terpenes and quality. Keep it at room temperature, away from sources of heat and light, which can degrade cannabinoids.

Don’t miss out on this pearl of the creamiest bliss of meditation that the « 3x Filtrés » CBD Hash resin can unleash! For the wellness of your mind and soul!

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"3x Filtrés CBD/CBG Hash Full spectrum Hash” packaged in a 1g glass jar
3x Filtre CBD/CBG Hash
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