Cartridge + Battery Pen Bundle


Are you seeking the optimal way to try our cartridges? Our Cartridge + Battery bundle is precisely what you require.

Our 510-threaded vape pen has a 350mAh battery designed especially to work with our Golden Buds Cartridges. Crafted with stainless steel and adorned with a metal-painted exterior, it’s attractive and easy to use.

250 inhalations are the maximum our battery can deliver. It can work with other cartridges but it was originally built to work with ours.

Our cartridges are filled with our unique recipes and terpene blend. Don’t wait any longer to try our delicious distillates.

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This carefully designed cartridge delivers 300 mg in a 0,50ml cartridge (the equivalent of 6000mg (60%) CBD in a 10ml bottle) of active full-spectrum CBD distillate paired with natural terpenes (flavour derived from each individual strain) to enhance the absorption and effect of our premium high-concentration CBD distillate. Voilà! Here it is a full spectrum distillate high in CBD and terpenes; of course no additives, no food colouring, no solvents, and no preservatives. All of our cartridges use atomizers with high-quality ceramic coils. With Golden Buds, the days of burnt smells and bad-tasting cut CBD are now a thing of the past!

Battery Pen


  • Material: Stainless steel tube, metal painting body
  • Maximum 250 puffs
  • Size: f 10,5 x 77,0 mm
  • Charging port: 510 thread
  • Battery capacity: 350mAh
  • LED indicator: White

Specially designed for CBD

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Natural Cartridge + Pen, Tangie Cartridge + Pen, Gelato Cartridge + Pen, OG Kush Cartridge + Pen, Super Lemon Haze Cartridge + Pen, Girl Scout Cookie Cartridge + Pen


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