ConNectar Kit Gold (Battery Pen + ConNectar)



  • Material: Metal
  • Operation: Activation button
  • Voltage: 2.8V/3.4V/4.0V
  • Battery port: 510 thread

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Discover our STACHE Gold battery, the ideal solution to take advantage of our cartridges or any 510-threaded cartridge. It is a rechargeable 400 mAh lithium-ion battery that offers three different power settings (2.8 V, 3, 4V and 4.0V).

Choose the vaping intensity that’s right for you with this sleek, gold-toned battery. The discreet battery also has a dual-press preheat function and a simple and convenient micro USB charger. Enjoy performance and beauty with the STACHE Gold battery.

Usage Guidelines and Recommendations

Assemble the 3 pieces that make it up.

  • Launch the battery (5 clicks)
  • Choose a power by clicking 3 times on the battery button 2.8v (green), 3.4v (blue), 4v (red)

Once the ConNectar is assembled, place the concentrate in contact with the resistance and suck it up with the straw. It happens that the material remains attached to the resistance, this is normal. You can then continue to vape without having to put the ConNectar back in contact with your crumble or extract.

It is recommended to clean the resistance well after use to improve its lifespan. As such, the ConNectar offers you a “self-cleaning” function. Activate the maximum power (red), and press the button for at least 5 seconds. All the material will then concentrate on the end of the resistance, making its cleaning easier.

Your suction straw is clogged due to an accumulation of material in the tube? Easy! Disassemble your ConNectar to isolate the straw. Immerse the straw in a container of hot (not boiling) water and wait. The heat will dissolve the residue.

When the battery is low, the LED flashes during use, unscrew your cartridge and connect the battery using the cable device provided to a USB socket. The battery LED will change from red when charging to green once the battery is fully charged.

Do not leave the device charging unattended.

For what type of products is the ConNectar intended?

The ConNectar is a portable dabber that allows you to easily consume Golden Bud’s crumbles or all your favourite extractions. Like a straw, you collect the nectar of all the CBD concentrates of your choice: crumble, rosin, wax, bho, shatter…

Why consume extracts with ConNectar?

Its “straw” format for dabbing and its ease of use make the ConNectar a must-have in terms of consumption of extractions. Several coils are also available for sale, including a ceramic one that allows you to dab at low temperatures.

It, therefore, allows you to have tasty, qualitative sessions, anywhere, quickly, and with discretion.

To go further: What is the dab?

By definition, a “dab” is created by pouring butane over cannabis. This will extract the cannabinoids from the material and they will remain in the butane. Showing a rather “solid” product that concentrates the extracted cannabinoids.

Today, the act of consuming extractions via dabbing is called dabbing or dabs.


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