Golden Merkaba (Recovery) 2000mg CBD / 1000mg CBG


The meaning of Golden Merkaba is
Mer=Light Ka=Spirit Ba= Soul
It is the perfect unification of male and female energy to create a balance between body and mind to activate the light of the spirit for the protection of the soul.

Each spray equal approx. 15mg Cannabinoid, 10mg CBD+ 5mg CBG. Daily recommended dose 1 to 10 sprays per day.

MCT oil, broad spectrum hemp extract, botanical terpene blend, natural flavors, Cannabis sativa L, 2000 mg (CBD), 1000mg (CBG), THC<0,2%.

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Golden Buds All CBD Oils

Our Terpene Selection

CBD Oil, CBG, and Terpenes CBG (cannabigerol) are some of the many cannabinoids found in cannabis. Rarer and more difficult to extract than CBD, it is a molecule with promising therapeutic potential. Cannabigerol has a calming effect on people who are overly anxious and stressed.

The whole story of our oils is based on the entourage effect linked to the interaction of terpenes and cannabinoids. Based on the principle of the golden number and divine proportion, our Golden Buds oil line comes in five distinct oils.

Golden Buds All CBD Oils

CALM: This blend has a mood-boosting effect, tempered by the capacity of linalool to enhance the person’s ability to relax from a busy day.
CREATIVE: What is the essence of creativity that will foster new ideas and their execution? The result is a blend of limonene, citronellol, alpha phellandrene, alpha-pinene, and linalool with a selection of other aromatics to stimulate the imagination.
RECOVERY: An energetic experience requires a combination of heightened focus and a little bit of excitement. Α and β-pinene combine to form a vibrant foundation with a pine scent.
FOCUS: Based on purifying alpha-pinene and linalool, it creates a balance between stimulation and calm. Other ingredients share a common thread with essential oils to promote focus.
ENERGY: An energizing experience requires a combination of improved focus and a little excitement. Alpha and beta-pinene combine to form an invigorating base with the scent of pine.

The Golden Ratio is the foundation of Life!

Certificate of Analysis

Golden Oil Certificate of Analysis Golden Oil Certificate of Analysis



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Golden Merkaba (Recovery) 2000mg CBD / 1000mg CBG
Golden Merkaba (Recovery) 2000mg CBD / 1000mg CBG
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