Ice O Lator CBD/CBG Hash


Ice O lator, our Hash most cannabinoids concentrate!

This hash is made from the most beautiful flowers of our Hash Maker’s CBD hemp farm, they are cut and frozen to the core before being extracted by a stirring technique in frozen water, the filtration is done on a vibrating mesh to recover only the fraction of trichomes most concentrated in active ingredients.

These trichomes end up being dehydrated and packaged in the freezer in airtight jars to best preserve the texture and aromatic properties of this exceptional resin.

Ice-o-lator hash is favored by some cannabis enthusiasts for its purity and strong effects, as the extraction process to reach the finest nectar of what the Cannabis trichomes can offer for your pleasure and meditation.

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What is Ice O Lator?

Ice-o-lator hash, often referred to simply as “Ice hash,” is a type of cannabis concentrate that is produced using an ice-water extraction method. This technique involves using ice water and agitation to separate the trichomes (resin glands containing cannabinoids and terpenes) from the cannabis plant material, resulting in a highly concentrated form of hashish.

How to make Ice o Lator CBD/CBG?

  • Material Preparation: High-quality cannabis plant material, typically trimmings or small buds, is first frozen to make the trichomes brittle and easier to separate.
  • Agitation: The frozen cannabis material is mixed with ice water in a container, and the mixture is agitated using mechanical means, such as stirring or agitation bags. This causes the trichomes to break off from the plant material and fall into the water.
  • Filtration: The mixture is poured through a series of fine mesh screens or filter bags that trap the trichomes while allowing the water to pass through. These screens are usually labeled with different micron sizes, which determine the size of trichomes they can capture.
  • Collection: The collected trichomes are then allowed to dry and cure, resulting in a powdery or resinous substance that can vary in color from light to dark depending on the quality of the starting material and the extraction process.
  • Conservation: Vacuum-packed to preserve and refine the natural terpenes. Optimum storage is temperature: 15-20°C. Storage location, avoid contact with light, damp areas, excessive temperature differences, and airing.

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Ice-O-Lator CBD/CBG Hash packaged in a 1g glass jar.
Ice O Lator CBD/CBG Hash
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