Le Royal CBD/CBG Hash


Le Royal Hash CBD/CBG: The Hash Fit for Royalty

Dark, Soft, and Sticky!
Le Royal caters to resin enthusiasts rather than beginners. Its soft and sticky consistency appeals to those who enjoy robust hashish. The late hemp harvest imparts it with terpenes and more complex aromas which carry more floral notes.

Le Royal is made of a CBD/CBG hash resin derived from the finest French natural-grown hemp that’s harvested later ripening stage from the post-peak of trichome maturity, resulting in its distinct and particular texture with intricate aromas. The CBD/CBG content is between 25% and 30%.

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Royal Hash – Premium French CBD/CBG Resin

Le Royal Hash CBD/CBG is between 25% and 30%.

How is Le Royal Hash CBD/CBG Manufactured?

Firstly, hemp plants are shaken on screens to collect what’s known as Skuff. This Skuff presents itself as a powder, resembling fine plant particles. This raw material is rich in cannabinoids.

Subsequently, the stuff is compressed into heated molds, forming these beautiful 125g slabs.

A French know-how on making CBD/CBG Hash to offer you one of the best CBD /CBG Hash resins, The hemp also originates from French CBD hemp farms, making it a 100% French product.


  • French CBD Resin
  • CBD/CBG between 25< x >30%
  • THC <0,3%
  • Appearance: Light brown in the center, dark on the exterior
  • Texture: Creamy & Sticky
  • Base Variety: European variety, THC<0,3%

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“Le Royal CBD/CBG Hash” packaged in a 1g glass jar
Le Royal CBD/CBG Hash
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